CRYO CC® 2018

The up-to-date Cryosauna model in the world.

As a result of many years of studies, CRYO CC 2018 is the most advanced model for cryotherapy. Thanks to systematic research and customer reviews from all around the world, this model has been created by customers … for customers. The cabin is made up of two tilting doors with aluminum lining and is suitable to support a large number of customers per day.


  • It is controlled solely by a computer
  • Ηas 2 Touch Screens
  • Μanufactured with high industrial standards and controls
  • Easy to use
  • Unique technology
  • It ensures the comfort and safety of the customer
  • Personalized services according to customer requirements
  • Can be installed as a mobile unit
  • Low nitrogen consumption, 4 liters per session
  • Unique standby mode for resetting intermediate idle time between sessions
  • Multimedia system with 2 10.8-inch Touch Screens and 2 USB ports
  • Remote problem solving via internet and automatic software upgrades
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty or 3,000 sessions
  • After sales services by qualified technicians.

Ideal for

  • Fitness centers
  • Sports Clubs
  • Members Club
  • Beauty salons

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